The results of the first phase of the intercomparison is completed and a paper presenting the test cases and results has been submitted to Advances in Water Resources, 27th July 2017.

The approach consisted of intercomparison of simulation results based on a series of Performance Metrics (PMs) for the two test cases (TH2 and TH3). While the main results and general conclusions drawn are to be found in the paper, including a subset of PM figures, for code development purposes, access to the full set of PM can be usefull. It is included below.

Case TH2

4 head gradients are considered: 0, 3, 9, 15 %.

PM 0% 3% 9% 15%
TH2_PM1 (temperature minimum)
TH2_PM2 (net total heat flux)
TH2_PM3 (total liquid water volume)
TH2 threshold times

Case TH3

4 head gradients are considered: 3, 6, 9, 15 %.

PM 3 % 6 % 9 % 15 %
TH3_PM1 (Equivalent hydraulic conductivity)
TH3_PM3 (total sensible heat)
TH3_PM4_Pt1 (point temperature)
TH3_PM4_Pt2 (point temperature)
TH3 closure times