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An overview of the test cases considered so far is provided on a poster presented at EGU 2014 :

The poster is available as well for downloading as pdf file poster_benchmark_egu_2014.pdf

Detailed presentation of the test cases

A step by step procedure is designed to proceed from simple test cases to the full coupled TH system:

  • T1, T2, T3: 1D pure heat transfer test cases, including the case with analytical solution
  • T→P: 1D heat transfer with pressure increase (no water flow)
  • TH1, TH2: Coupled TH transfers

An experiment in cold room associated with Case TH1 is ongoing.

Case T1: 1D semi-infinite heat conduction case with phase change leading to analytical expressions

Case T2

Case T3

Case T->P

Case TH1

Case TH2