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An overview of the test cases considered so far is provided on a poster presented at EGU 2014 :

The poster is available as well for downloading as pdf file poster_benchmark_egu_2014.pdf

Detailed presentation of the test cases

A step by step procedure is designed to proceed from simple test cases to the full coupled TH system:

  • T1, T2, T3: 1D pure heat transfer test cases, including the case with analytical solution
  • T→P: 1D heat transfer with pressure increase (no water flow)
  • TH1, TH2: Coupled TH transfers

An experiment in cold room associated with Case TH1 is ongoing.

Case T1 1D semi-infinite heat conduction case with phase change leading to analytical expressions

Case T2 1D vertical soil column with porous medium properties and geothermal flux, pure conduction with phase change

Case T3 Similar case for geological time scale and the evolution of permafrost depths

Case T->P Pressure increase associated with freezing front progression in volume controlled fully saturated porous medium

Case TH1 Initial frozen inclusion evolution (full coupling with inflowing water)

Case TH2 Closure / Opening of a talik due to challenging inflowing water and negative temperatures imposed on lateral sides