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 ~~ODT~~ ~~ODT~~
 <​html><​a name="​page_top_tag">&​nbsp</​a></​html>​ <​html><​a name="​page_top_tag">&​nbsp</​a></​html>​
-//Go to =>// [ [[pmip3:​design:​pi:​index|PI]] ] - [ **6ka** ] - [ [[pmip3:​design:​21k:​index|21ka]] ] - [ [[pmip3:​design:​lm:​index|LM]] ] - [ [[pmip3:​design:​li:​index|LI]] ] - [ [[pmip3:​design:​plio:​index|Plio]] ]+//Go to =>// [ [[pmip3:​design:​pi:​index|PI]] ] - [ **6ka** ] - [ [[pmip3:​design:​21k:​index|21ka]] ] - [ [[pmip3:​design:​lm:​index|LM]] ] - [ [[pmip3:​design:​8k2:​index|8.2ka]] ] - [ [[pmip3:​design:​li:​index|LI]] ] - [ [[pmip3:​design:​plio:​index|Plio]] ]
 ====== 6ka Experimental Design ====== ====== 6ka Experimental Design ======
-<note warning>**Page in progress**: this is not the final version!\\ \\ Use the [[index#​page_bottom_tag|discussion]] panel at the end of the page for comments ​</​note>​+<note warning>This was a BC //​development page// (see [[index#​page_bottom_tag|discussion]] panel at the end of the page)\\ \\ Make sure you use the [[pmip3:​design:​6k:​final|final version of the 6k BC]]!</​note>​
 ===== Boundary conditions ===== ===== Boundary conditions =====
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 ==== Vegetation ==== ==== Vegetation ====
-Depending on the complexity ​of the model used the vegetation will be either+The vegetation should be treated as in the CMIP5 PI experiment. The reason is that in CMIP5 we test the version ​of the model used for future climate projections. Since OA and ESM models will be considered, depending on the model used the vegetation will be 
-  ​* computed by the model +  * prescribed to PI (which means both vegetation ​types and LAI are prescribed ​
-  ​* prescribed to PI (some ESM may only compute ​vegetation ​phenology ​and carbon cycle+  * Prescribed ​to PI with interactive LAI (models with interactive carbone cycle, but no vegetation ​dynamics
-  * prescribed ​to 6ka vegetation ​reconstructed from a combination of model output and data analyses (please use the map provided here+  * Computed by the model (models with dynamic vegetation
-  * Obtained from asynchronous coupling with a DVGM ([[http://​​synth/​biome4.shtml|Biome 4 model]] provided+
 +There are still questions concerning the possibility to have a 6ka reconstructed vegetation from a combination of model output and data analyses that could be used for sensitivity experiments. Please tell if you are interested by such a map and what would be the best variables (pft?) that should be provided (see comment from B. Otto-Bliesner in the discussion pannel).  ​
 ==== For Earth System Models with interactive carbone cycle ==== ==== For Earth System Models with interactive carbone cycle ====
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