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Pre-industrial control run experimental design

Boundary conditions

Initial conditions


Gavin Schmidt, 2009/02/10 21:02

Since PMIP won't be able to regulate the insolation that people use in the 20C3M runs and the standard controls, and some people will be varying insolation in the LM runs, more guidance is required here. Maybe, we should specify 1850AD conditions?

Pascale Braconnot, 2009/02/12 17:11

Then what is the value you recommend in that case / the 1365W/m2 required in PMIP, which is already different from the 1367 a lot of group have in practive in their code? For the orbital parameters I can look at it. But I am not sure we will be able to do something. The real pb is what will be the PI for the Millenium simulations ? It should be year 850, but then how do we connect this with the preindustrial (1860 usually run for CMIP?). Also PMIP gaz etc… was rather 1750 than 1860. I see similar pb with the landuse map.

PMIP3 Guest Login,, 2009/02/21 18:57

For the PI for groups only running PMIP3 experiments, we should define both an orbital year and the associated orbital parameters. It would be useful to query the CMIP5 modeling groups to determine what orbital definition will be used in their controls and 20C3M runs. The PMIP3 trace gases could also be set at 1850AD values to make these runs most consistent with the CMIP5 model runs.

John Hughes, Met Office Hadley Centre, 2009/11/24 14:19

Hi, CMIP5 CO2 concentrations for pre-industrial are 286 ppmv for 1860 and 285 ppmv for 1850 rather than 280.

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