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   * [[pmip3:​events:​pmip3_2010_12:​hotel_info|Participants (and hotel information)]]   * [[pmip3:​events:​pmip3_2010_12:​hotel_info|Participants (and hotel information)]]
   * [[pmip3:​events:​pmip3_2010_12:​prog|Programme]]   * [[pmip3:​events:​pmip3_2010_12:​prog|Programme]]
 +      * [[pmip3:​events:​pmip3_2010_12:​posters|Detail of poster sessions]]
   * Workshop pages on the [[https://​​events/​pmip3_2010_12/​|PMIP3 web site]]   * Workshop pages on the [[https://​​events/​pmip3_2010_12/​|PMIP3 web site]]
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