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 <note info>\\ Contacts: Contacts: [[|Pat Bartlein]], [[|Sandy Harrison]]</​note>​ <note info>\\ Contacts: Contacts: [[|Pat Bartlein]], [[|Sandy Harrison]]</​note>​
 ===== Group description ===== ===== Group description =====
-//Great blahblah here//+//The purpose of the Benchmarking working group is to facilitate, support and coordinate model evaluation and benchmarking using palaeoenvironmental observations.// 
 +Historical footnote: this group evolved from the Data-Model Comparison working group and was formally initiated at the PMIP workshop in Crewe. 
 +One goal for the upcoming year is to improve the existing quantitative data sets for the LGM and MH, in order to have better benchmarks for evaluating these experiments.  
 +A second goal for the upcoming year is to provide a "​data-model comparison protocol"​ for the CMIP/PMIP special issue of GMD, focusing on model-evaluation issues that cross-cut all of the CMIP6/PMIP4 experiments. ​
-Historical footnote: group initiated at the //Great Blahblah during a Most Excellent Year// meeting.+If you want to contribute to either of these exercises, please contact us.
 ===== More ===== ===== More =====
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