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 ==== The Pliocene ==== ==== The Pliocene ====
 +Harry Dowsett is working on the new Prism4 SST synthesis for the PlioMIP2 project. It will be published in a USGS publication - currently still in progress (as of February 2017).
 +There is also SST from PRISM3 (2010). The data for PRISM3 were drawn from various warm periods about 3Ma. Thus they do not present a single consistent climate snapshot of the kind that may be produced by a climate model. These data were used in PlioMIP1. See, for example, this paper comparing PRISM3 and the model HadCM3 and references therein. http://​​science/​article/​pii/​S0031018211001404
 ==== The Eocene ==== ==== The Eocene ====
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