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People interested in LGM sensitivity

Person Location Model or other Role
Julia Hargreaves, UK Organiser, MIP analysis
Ayako Abe-Ouchi University of Tokyo, Japan MIROC
Bette Otto-Bliesner NCAR, USA CCSM
Masa Kageyama IPSL, France IPSL
Pedro DiNezio IPRC, Hawaii, USA CESM
Didier Roche IPSL, France iLOVECLIM
Andreas Schmittner COAS, Oregon State Uni, USA OSUVic
Wonsun Park Kiel, Germany KCM
Ruža Ivanović Leeds Uni, UK FAMOUS/HadCM3
Lauren Gregoire Leeds Uni, UK FAMOUS/HadCM3
Gerrit Lohmann AWI, Germany COSMOS
Aradna Tripati ? data model comparisons
Michael Erb ? GFDL CM2.1
Lev Tarasov ? ?
Karl Taylor ? wants to stay informed
Gabi Hegerl Edinburgh Uni, UK wants to stay informed
Will Roberts Bristol Uni, UK

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