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 ====== Past2K - Boundary conditions and forcing ====== ====== Past2K - Boundary conditions and forcing ======
-To discuss the experimental design and the boundary conditions. The following reflects the state of the discussion after the 2014 Namur meeting: 
-Experimental design “Last Millennium”\\ 
-Transient simulations 850-1849 followed by historical experiments,​ set of boundary conditions for solar, volcanic, land-cover-change,​ greenhouse gases to be blended with those for historical (1850-2010) simulations.\\ 
- ​Updated PMIP3 protocol ​ 
-LM will build on DECK experiments,​ in particular the pre-industrial control simulation as unforced reference and the historical simulations. Moreover, LM provide initial conditions for historical simulations starting in the 19th century that are considered superior to the PiCtrl state as it includes integrated information from the forcing history (e.g. large volcanic eruptions in the early 19th century). \\ 
-➢ Prioritization of the suggested experiments,​ including any rationale 
-LM: one complete last millennium (850-2010) simulation using the standard boundary conditions and forcing. Groups are encouraged to run ensemble simulations as well as alternative forcings. 
-Boundary conditions: 
-Please start discussion on updates/​improvements w.r.t. PMIP3 here: 
 +<note warning>​The PMIP4 experimental design available on the PMIP3 wiki has been **superseded** by the experimental design detailed on the [[https://​​doku.php/​exp_design|PMIP4 web site]]</​note>​
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