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Data related to variability in PMIP3

This pages currently isn't populated, but I will start filling it up with either actual data to download or links for you to download relevant data.

Nino 3.4 Indices

The links below lead to comma separated value files that each contain the Nino 3.4 SSTA time series for a series of model simulations. The vast majority of them have been extracted from Climate Variability Diagnostics Package and their data repositories. These are the result of the sterling effort of NCAR's Climate Analysis Section and should be cited as Philips et al (2014). They've calculated the diagnostics for all the simulations that happened to be sitting on their server, so this is not an exhaustive collection (especially for the LGM). For simplicity, only the first ensemble member has been included on this files, but you're more than welcome to download the data other ensemble members from their website in netcdf format. The Pliocene ensemble dataset has been taken from Brierley (2015).

All of the Nino 3.4 sea surface temperatures presented here are anomalies from a climatology along the whole simulation. This makes sense for the equilibrium simulations (piControl, midHolocene, lgm, pliocene) but not for transient climates (past1000, historical, rcp85 and observations). You need to remove a time varying climatology to correct for this.


Equilibrated (we hope)

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