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 ====== Using the PMIP3 wiki ====== ====== Using the PMIP3 wiki ======
 ===== The basics ===== ===== The basics =====
-  * If you have a **read-only** access to the pages, you can navigate ​this site as you would any other site.\\ You may want to click on the //Old revisions// button ​at the top/bottom of each page, if you want to see who changed what (in the current ​page).+  ​* **If you are lost** in the pages, ​remember that you can navigate ​back up to the [[pmip3:​index|main page]] by clicking ​on the links in the **//You are here//** line just above the page's title.\\ You can also use the links at the bottom of each page to go back to this or the main page, and use the **//​Index//​** button at the bottom right to list all the sections/​pages you are allowed to access, and go directly to a specific ​page.
-  * If you have write access to some or all pages, you can change them by clicking ​on the //Edit this page// button at the top/bottom of each page.\\ ​You can use the basic formatting tools at the top of edit window, or visit the [[wiki:​syntax|Wiki syntax]] page to learn more about formatting.\\ \\ Once you are happy with your changesplease make sure that you **write a summary of what you changed** in the Edit summary input zone **before ​you save** the changes.+  * If you have a **read-only ​access** to the pages, you can navigate this site as you would any other site.\\ You may want to click on the //Old revisions// button at the top/bottom of each page, if you want to see who changed what (in the current page).\\ Note that you can use the Discussion sections ​of the pages (when activated)even if you have only **read-only** access 
 +  ​If you have **write access** to some or all pages, you should read the [[pmip3:​wiki_help_create|Page creation]] help.
 ===== Non standard wiki features ===== ===== Non standard wiki features =====
-We have added the following features to this wiki. They are documented only here (and **not** in the [[wiki:​syntax|Wiki syntax]] page)+We have added the following features to this wiki.
-==== Open Office ​export ​====+==== Exporting to the Open Office ​format ​====
 Some pages can be exported in the //''​.odt''​ Open Document// format. Some pages can be exported in the //''​.odt''​ Open Document// format.
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 Look for the special icon at the top of the concerned pages! Look for the special icon at the top of the concerned pages!
-==== Notes ====+[[http://​​plugin:​odt|More info]] on the //odt// plugin 
 +==== Other features ​==== 
 +More non-standard features are available for [[pmip3:​wiki_help_create#​non_standard_wiki_features|page editors/​creators]] 
 +===== Questions and Answers ===== 
 +If you **really** want to know more, or if you get stuck... 
 +  * **Q:** How can I see what pages have been changed recently 
 +    * **A:** Click on the //Recent changes// button at the top right of any page, click [[https://​​wiki/​doku.php?​do=recent|here]] (you can bookmark this link) or look at the [[pmip3:​whoswho#​recent_changes|recent changes page]]
-It is possible to insert 3 types of note in the pages:+  * **Q:** What has changed ​in the current page since the last time I visited it? 
 +    * **A:** Just click on the **Old revisions** button at the top/bottom left of the page. It will show when the page has been changed and by whom. It will also show a change summary message if the person who did the change did not forget to supply it!
-<​note>​%%<​note>​My note</note>​%%<​/note>+  * **Q:** Why am I getting an **Edit Draft** button instead of the expected **Edit this page** button? 
 +    * **A:** The page was not properly saved by the previous person. It is probably safer to //discard// the draft and start with a fresh  version of the page. Click on //Edit Draft// then //Delete Draft//...
-<note tip>​%%<​note tip>My note</​note>​%%</​note>​+  * **Q:** How can I creat a new page? 
 +    * **A:** If you have **write access** to some or all pages, you should read the [[pmip3:​wiki_help_create|Page creation]] help.
-<note important>​%%<​note important>​My note</note>​%%<​/note>+  * **Q:** Why am I getting the following message ''​//This page is currently locked for editing by another user//''?​ 
 +    * **A:** Please look at the [[pmip3:​wiki_help_create#​page_locks|page locks]] information
-<note warning>​%%<​note warning>​My note</note>​%%<​/note>+  * **Q:** Something must have gone really wrong, because the page that I edited and saved does not look at all correct. Help! :-( 
 +    * **A:** It is always possible (though highly unlikely) that something you do drastically alters the appearance of a page, but this is not a major problem. 
 +      - Exit your browser, restart it and go back to the page you were editing. If clearing the cache of your browser this way did not help, try the next step. 
 +      - On the //bad// page, click on the **Old revisions** button at the top/bottom left of the page. This will show you all the changes that were done to the page. The topmost line (most recent change) should be the change **you** just made, with the //Edit summary// **you** wrote. 
 +        * Click on the next (second) line, on the green ''​pmip3://​wiki_path//''​ link. This will display the page how it was //before// you started editing it. 
 +        * You can then edit this //old// version of the page, without making mistakes and save it. 
 +        * Or you can just edit it and save it without modifications,​ with an Edit summary looking like\\ //Page reverted to its old state of 2009/02/02 16:19//. 
 +      - If nothing above worked, get in touch with the [[|Jean-Yves Peterschmitt]].
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