Results of the first phase of InterFrost: Test cases TH2 and TH3

The first phase of InterFrost concerning test cases TH2 and TH3 is now completed and the results are published in the following paper: Grenier C., Anbergen H, Bense V, Chanzy Q, Coon E, Collier N, Costard F, Ferry M, Frampton A, Frederick J, Goncalves J, Holmén J, Jost A, Kokh S, Kurylyk B, McKenzie J, Molson J, Mouche E, Orgogozo L, Pannetier R, Rivière A, Roux N, Rühaak W, Scheidegger J, Selroos J-O, Therrien R, Vidstrand P, Voss C. Groundwater flow and heat transport for systems undergoing freeze-thaw: Intercomparison of numerical simulators for 2D test cases. Advances in Water Resources 114 (2018) 196–218

For future model developers with the purpose of evaluating their recent coupled TH developments against benchmark cases, we advise running the test cases TH2 and TH3.

The presentation of these cases is to be found at Case TH2 Initial frozen inclusion evolution (full coupling with inflowing water) and Case TH3 Closure / Opening of a talik due to challenging inflowing water and negative temperatures imposed on lateral sides

The results are presented in the paper mentioned above but can be as well downloaded as separate excel file for TH2 InterFrostResultsTH2 and TH3 InterFrostResultsTH3

We suggest for new models to plot their simulation curves against the ones provided in the files to evaluate their simulations.

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