Case TH3: Closure / Opening of a talik due to challenging inflowing water and negative temperatures imposed on lateral sides

The full coupled system is resolved.

The difference with Case TH1 is that a cold boundary condition is imposed that challenges the effect of water heat advection. Depending on the intensity of the flow, the initial talik system opens or closes.

Initial conditions are provided below (boolean temperature zones, +5°C in the middle, the talik, and -5°C in the semi-circular geometries to the side). Heat boundary conditions are imposed upstream (left) temperature (+5°C), downstream conductive component no-flow (exit by advection only), imposed negative temperatures (-5°C) on lateral sides.


Water boundary conditions are the same as for TH1, basically uniform flow conditions.


The whole information about Benchmark Case TH3 (including parameter spread sheet, performance measures) is available as pdf file (Version 2.1, 18/02/2015). Please consider as well some more recent additional information and modifications provided in th2_3_parameter_sheet_complement.pdf (11 May 2015).

The results are now published and available as data file from the results page