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   * [[other:​bios|BIOS,​ diagnostics and other start-up notes]]   * [[other:​bios|BIOS,​ diagnostics and other start-up notes]]
-  * [[other:​win10crash|Recovering from a Major Windows 10 Crash]]\\ <wrap em>​Trying to recover from a //Black Screen// a //BSOD (Blue Screen of Death)// and other frightening ​Windows ​stuff</​wrap>​+  * [[other:​win10crash|Recovering from a Major Hardware or Windows 10 Crash]]\\ <wrap em>​Trying to recover from a //Black Screen// ​(possibly ​hardware crash)\\ a Windows ​//BSOD (Blue Screen of Death)//\\ and other frightening ​computer ​stuff</​wrap>​
   * [[other:​win10misc|Misc Win10 notes]]   * [[other:​win10misc|Misc Win10 notes]]
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