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Technical and other useful information for LSCE users

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Information for newcomers

Windows 10 notes

Multi-Operating-Systems notes

Python notes

UV-CDAT python distribution notes

conda based versions of UV-CDAT

Older versions

conda/python installation notes

Thunderbird and Firefox notes

PC low level technical notes

Misc technical info

Clonezilla notes

Old and possibly obsolete sections

We keep this information here, just in case. And some recent pages may still have links to older sections…

VirtualBox notes

VirtualBox is still an excellent product! But if your goal is to have a tight integration between Windows and Linux on the same machine, officially supported by Microsoft, you should have a look at the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) and Ubuntu section

VB host: the machine and operating system where the VB program is running.

VB guest: the operating system running inside VB.

Windows 7 notes

Microsoft has stopped the Windows 7 support in January 2020. You should now be using Windows 10 and reading the Windows 10 notes

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