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 +====== Using the RIE Algorithmes web site ======
 +<note tip>WE can **reduce the waiting time** when it's time to pay, by having enough money on our badge and not having to recharge it when there is already a long line</​note>​
 +===== Creating and using your account =====
 +It's very easy to create an account on the following portal and add money online: http://​​
 +You just need to have your //badge number//. Note that this is NOT the CEA badge number, but the number that is on the printed receipt you get when you pay (so you have to bring this receipt back with you once). You will need the **Rechargement de badges** //module// for recharging. You can also click on //Mon profil// and specify a lower limit. You will automatically get a mail when the money you have on your badge gets below this threshold ​
 +{{ :​other:​newppl:​rie_algo_portal_01.png?​direct&​600 |Click to view a bigger version}}
 +{{ :​other:​newppl:​rie_algo_portal_02.png?​direct&​300 |Click to view a bigger version}}
 +===== Suggestions and problems =====
 +YOU can also add the **Réagissez sur votre déjeuner** //module//. This will allow YOU to submit suggestions (e.g. //could we have an English version of the site?//) and critics (e.g. //why is there no more hot chocolate to add on the desserts?//​)
 +  * **use French** when asking something! You can surely find a French colleague in your team who can translate your request!
 +  * the use of this feature is **not anonymous**
 +/* standard page footer */
 +\\ \\ \\ 
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 +[ [[wiki:​syntax|Wiki syntax]] ]
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