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Using the RIE Algorithmes web site

WE can significantly reduce the waiting time when it's time to pay, by having enough money on our badge and not having to recharge it when there is already a long line

Creating your account

It's very easy to create an account on the following portal and add money online:

The web site is in French, but the screenshots below should help you create an account and use the web site

You just need to know your badge number. Note that this is NOT the CEA badge number, but the number that is on the printed receipt you get when you pay (so you have to bring this receipt back with you once). Click on Créez votre compte en quelques clics !, fill in your personal details to get something looking like the picture below, and validate by clicking on Créer mon compte.

Click to view a bigger version

Adding money

Once you are logged in, look at the top banner and click on the rectangle at the top right to add money. You will then get to a page where you can select how much money you want to add (select the amount and click on Recharger mon badge) and then to a payment page. You will get a receipt by mail once the payment is validated.

Click to view a bigger version

Click to view a bigger version

Click to view a bigger version

Managing your account and the notifications

You can manage your account by clicking on the 3 vertical points in the top right corner of the page, and selecting Mon compte. One of the panels allows you to enable notifications when the amount on your card goes below a threshold. The screenshot below shows the settings to get a notification when you get below 7 euros.

Click to view a bigger version

From the home page, you can also click on Se restaurer and then on Restaurant RIE St Aubin. You will find the following information on that page:

  • Opening times
  • Name and contact of the manager: use this to send suggestions, praise and complaints. Use French when asking something! You can surely find a French colleague in your team who can translate your request!

    Note that if you don't want to contact directly the restaurant manager (you prefer the RIE council to anonymize your request), you can send a mail to
    asso DOT rie DOT staubin AT gmail DOT com

  • The scheduled menu. Note that the actual menu may differ a bit if you arrive late at the restaurant, or if the required ingredients were not delivered to the restaurant

Smartphone apps

You can get the same information as the web site on your smartphone

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