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 [[https://​​questions/​9797520/​masking-part-of-a-contourf-plot-in-matplotlib|trick source]] [[https://​​questions/​9797520/​masking-part-of-a-contourf-plot-in-matplotlib|trick source]]
 +===== Unsorted matplotlib stuff =====
 +Some useful notes and links that cannot be placed (yet) in a section of the main page
 +==== Plotting arcs (segments of ellipses) ====
 +  * [[https://​​stable/​api/​_as_gen/​matplotlib.patches.Arc.html|Offical patches.Arc documentation]]
 +  * A nice [[https://​​questions/​54849976/​can-someone-explain-the-different-parameters-in-matplotlib-patches-arc|ellipses and arcs tutorial]] on stackoverflow
 /* standard page footer */ /* standard page footer */
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