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 <note tip>\\ The pages below are used for //​discussing//​ the PMIP-CMIP6 experimental design</​note>​ <note tip>\\ The pages below are used for //​discussing//​ the PMIP-CMIP6 experimental design</​note>​
-Main document describing the **PMIP experiments ​proposed for CMIP6**: {{:​pmip3:​cmip6:​design:​cmip6-endorsedmips_pmip.pdf|PMIP Application ​for CMIP6-Endorsed MIPs}}+PMIP has proposed ​five experiments ​for CMIP6. ​These experiments constitute reference experiments ​for further projects and sensitivity analyses to be run within PMIP. These pages are open to specifically discuss about the PMIP-CMIP6 experiments.
-Please go to the appropriate section below for discussing:+The main document describing ​the **PMIP experiments proposed ​for CMIP6** is here{{:​pmip3:​cmip6:​design:​cmip6-endorsedmips_pmip.pdf|PMIP Application for CMIP6-Endorsed MIPs}} 
 +The following sections summarize the general considerations for all experiments and the experimental set-up for each experiment. Please use the "​discussion"​ box at the end of each section to give your comments about the experimental design.
   * [[pmip3:​cmip6:​design:​general:​index|General remarks]]   * [[pmip3:​cmip6:​design:​general:​index|General remarks]]
-  * [[pmip3:​wg:​p2k:​bcdisc|Last ​millenniumum]]+  * [[pmip3:​wg:​p2k:​bcdisc|Last ​millennium]]
   * [[pmip3:​cmip6:​design:​6k:​index|Mid-Holocene]]   * [[pmip3:​cmip6:​design:​6k:​index|Mid-Holocene]]
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