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Pollen-based continental climate reconstructions for the mid-Holocene and the Last Glacial Maximum

Please do not forget to cite the following reference when you use this data! 8-O

Pollen-based continental climate reconstructions at 6 and 21 ka: a global synthesis

Bartlein, P. J., S. P. Harrison, S. Brewer, S. Connor, B. A. S. Davis, K. Gajewski, J. Guiot, T. I. Harrison-Prentice, A. Henderson, O. Peyron, I. C. Prentice, M. Scholze, H. Seppä, B. Shuman, S. Sugita, R. S. Thompson, A. E. Viau, J. Williams, H. Wu, 2011. , Climate Dynamics, 37, 775-802.
DOI 10.1007/s00382-010-0904-1

Yes of course, I will remember to cite the reference, I promise! ^_^

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