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PMIP3 WG - Last Deglaciation

Group description

This Working Group is coordinating efforts to carry out transient simulations of the last deglaciation (~21-9 ka). It is being implemented in close collaboration with the Last Glacial Maximum PMIP Working Group to maintain consistency across the experiments, and the simulations have been/will be specifically designed to include the full range of PMIP models.

To join the mailing list for the working group, email Ruza:

Historical footnote: group initiated at the PMIP3 2014 Namur meeting.


It is expected that every participant model will run the one Core transient simulation through the full deglaciation (21-9 ka). The only exceptions are the computationally more expensive models for which a multi-millennia transient simulation is infeasible.

In addition to the Core, the working group will coordinate simulations to:

  • Assess uncertainties in boundary conditions and forcings
  • Test specific hypotheses
  • Focus on shorter time periods to involve computationally more expensive models
  • Carry out model sensitivity simulations
  • Begin earlier in the last glacial period (e.g. 26 ka)

We encourage everyone to suggest (and document) further optional simulations.

Structure and organisation

Working group leader: Ruza Ivanovic [ web , ]
Working group co-leader: Lauren Gregoire [ web, ]
Please email Ruza or Lauren if you have any questions about the working group, or to join it.

Modelling advisory group:
Masa Kageayma [ web ], Didier Roche and Paul Valdes [ web ]

Palaeoclimate sensors advisory group:
Led by: Andrea Burke [ web ]
Other members: TBC

Experiment design

Discussions on the experiment design(s) and presentation of the boundary condition data are available through the following links:

When the experiment designs are finalised, the boundary condition data will also be downloadable from these pages.


  • PMIP meeting, Namur (Belgium) May 2014
  • Others TBA

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