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 ===== Upcoming meetings ===== ===== Upcoming meetings =====
-===== Upcoming meetings ===== +Dan Lunt has promised ​to fund 2 day workshop ​in the next couple of years. One day on the Past to Future topic.
- +
-There is a plan to hold virtual meeting later in the year! Perhaps ​on Google Plus+
 ===== Past meetings ===== ===== Past meetings =====
-==== DIMACS, Rutgers, 2013 ====+==== Joint Assembly, Montreal, 2015 ==== 
 +=== Place, date, etc... === 
 +Montreal, Canada, 4-7 May 2015 
 +PP32A: Using Paleoclimate Modeling and Data to Constrain Future Predictions  
 +Conveners: Gavin A. Schmidt, Bruno Tremblay, Julia C. Hargreaves 
 +=== Participants === 
 +Gavin A. Schmidt 
 +Richard Zeebe 
 +Richard P. Guyette 
 +Aixue Hu 
 +Mark Chandler 
 +Allegra LeGrande 
 +Bruno Tremblay 
 +Shaun Lovejoy 
 +=== P2F activity === 
 +Discussions and post-session lunch.  
 +==== EGU 2015, Vienna ==== 
 +Original Session CL4.9, "Using paleoclimate modelling and data to learn about the future"​ conveners Julia Hargreaves, Michel Crucifix, Gavin Schmidt, merged with CL1.8 to become: "​Paleoclimates from the Cretaceous to the Holocene: learning from numerical experiments and model-data comparisons,​ and using paleoclimate modelling and data to learn about the future",​ conveners: Masa Kageyama, André Paul, Dan Lunt, Michal Kucera, Julia Hargreaves, Michel Crucifix, Gavin A. Schmidt. With 10 abstracts from CL4.9, three were oral presentations,​ and the rest were presented as posters. 
 +=== Place, date, etc... === 
 +Vienna, Austria, \\ 
 +Wed, 15 Apr, 10:​30–12:​00 / 13:​30–17:​00 / Room Y9, 17:30 \\ 
 +Wed, 15 Apr, 17:​30–19:​00 / Yellow Posters 
 +=== Participants (from original CL4.9 session) === 
 +Invited orals: ​ \\  
 +Paleoclimate diagnostics:​ consistent large-scale temperature responses in warm and cold climates. Kenji Izumi et al. \\ 
 +Sensitivity of Southern Hemisphere circulation to LGM and 4xCO2 climates. Maisa Rojas \\ 
 +Oral:  \\ 
 +Climate and carbon cycle dynamics in a CESM simulation from 850-2100 CE. Flavio Lehner et al. \\ 
 +Posters: \\ 
 +Is the PMIP ensemble large enough? Julia C. Hargreaves and James D. Annan \\ 
 +Climate response to astronomical forcing: a resonance scenario vs. a synchronization scenario. Arianna Marchionne \\ 
 +Dominant role of atmospheric dynamics for North Pacific Holocene SST trends: Validating models. Gerrit Lohmann et al. \\ 
 +Late Quaternary and Future Biome Simulations for Alaska and Eastern Russia. Amy Hendricks et al. \\ 
 +Relationship between El Niño and the hydrological cycle of tropical regions in different climatic contexts. Marion Saint-Lu et al. \\ 
 +Paleodynamics of large closed lakes as a standard for climate modeling data verification. Alexander Kislov \\ 
 +Reconstruction of the South Atlantic Dipole Index. Ilana Wainer et al. \\ 
 +=== P2F relevant sessions === 
 +There was another P2F relevent session, 
 +The hydrological cycle under past, present and future climate change (co-organized) 
 +Conveners: Michael Byrne, Robin Chadwick, Florent Brient, Charline Marzin. 
 +Included an invited talk by Pascale Braconnot, "​Hydrological changes in the tropics: an Holocene perspective",​ which included quite a strong P2F perspective. But all the other talks in the session were on present climate. 
 +The poster session included, "​Robust relationships in past and future simulation: atmospheric circulation and hydrological cycle over the tropics 
 +Kenji Izumi et al" and "Early Eocene changes in the frequency and spatial distribution of extreme precipitation events 
 +Matthew Carmichael et al" 
 +==== PMIP3, Namur Belgium, 2014 ==== 
 +=== Place, date, etc... === 
 +Namur, Belgium, 23-30 May 2014 
 +The second PMIP3 general meeting 
 +Everything about PMIP3. Mostly multi-model science results and workshop reports and planning sessions. 
 +=== Participants === 
 +These two links include most of the attendees 
 +Talks: http://​​pmip3/​listtalks.php 
 +Posters: http://​​pmip3/​posters.php 
 +=== P2F activity === 
 +Talks by Julia Hargreaves, Gavin Schmidt and Steve Sherwood. Thursday lunchtime planning meeting with Julia Hargreaves, Michel Crucifix, Masa Kageyama, Dan Lunt, Gavin Schmidt and Steve Sherwood with aim of forming a clear focus for the group. Produced [[Aims_and_Scope_v2.0|version 2.0 of the Aims and Scope]]. 
 +==== DIMACS, Rutgers ​USA, 2013 ====
 === Place, date, etc... === === Place, date, etc... ===
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