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The list below may be out of date… If you are on the pmip-wg-past2k mailing list, you can get the latest members' list by clicking on Send me a mail with the latest list

Kevin Anchukaitis

Carin Andersson

Anne DeVernal

Pedro Dias

Elena Garcia-Bustamante

Hugues Goosse

Fidel Gonzales-Rouco

Laura Fernandez Donado

Sandy Harrison

Gabi Hegerl

Allistair Hind

Miriam Khodri

Juerg Luterbacher

Anders Moberg

Tim Osborn

Bette Otto-Bliesner

Jonathan Overpeck

Wonsun Park

Steven Phipps

Luciana Prada

Christoph Raible

Gavin Schmidt

Andrew Schurer

Louise Sime

Kostas Tsigaridis

Ilana Wainer

Bin Wang

Peter Webster

Pascal Yiou

Ge Yu

Yongqiang Yu

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