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PaleoVAR - Meetings

PMIP 2017

There was a lot of activity relating Paleovariability at the PMIP 2017 meeting in Stockholm. The majority of it did not happen in the Paleovar session. I've tried to categorise everything below.

Presenter Session ENSO Other
Forced? Models
Data &
F. Pausata Warm (MH) Y Y
W. Zheng Warm (MH) Y Y
K. Raghavan Warm (MH) Y Y Y
Y. Luan Warm (MH +Future) Y Y
I. Wainer Warm (Plio) Y Y
S. Stevenson Isotopes Y Y
K. Thirumalai Isotopes Y Y
K. Rehfeld Isotopes Y Y
S. Woodbourne Benchmarking YY Y
A. Schurer COMPARE Y Y Y
M. Elliot Data Synth. Y Y
K. Anchukaitis Invited Y Y
K. Cobb Invited Y Y
F. Ljungqvist past1000 Y Y
J. Jungclaus past1000 Y Y Y
F. Liu past1000 YY
F. Shi past1000 Y Y
F. Marcello de Oliveira past1000 Y Y
J. Zheng past1000 Y Y
L. Sobral Verona past1000 Y Y
J. Sjolte past1000 Y Y
G. De Cort past1000 Y Y
C. Teja Tejavath past1000 Y Y
E. Zorita past1000 Y Y
Z. Lu Paleovar Y Y
C. Brierley Paleovar Y Y
B. Dawadi Paleovar Y Y
F. Klein Data Assim. Y Y

I would also like to give an honorable mention to Juan Lora for being the only person at PMIP 2017 who was looking at weather events.

Past meetings

Our first meeting covered a large range of expertise and angles and covered a lot of the required groundwork. It was decided that future meetings could benefit for more focussed topic, such as the Villefranche-sur-Mer (2011) meeting's focus on ENSO.

Paleovariability: data-model comparisons

12-14th March 2014, London

This workshop discussed the potential of paleovariability as a focus for data-model comparisons. It started by discussing the relevance of data and model output; followed by results from prior attempts at comparison. It finished by making recommendations for groundwork that needs to be performed to facilitate future data-model comparison with relevant outcomes.

Venue: UCL Geography, Gower St, London WC1E 6BT

Preliminary Timetable

Day 1
10am: Welcome
10:30-1: Modes and definitions of climate variability
2-5:30pm: Extratropical variability in climate proxies
Day 2
9am-12: Tropical variability as recorded by climate proxies
1-3pm: Simulated tropical variability
3:30-5:30: Simulated Extratropical variability
Day 3 
9am-10:30: Prior attempts at data-model comparisons for variability
11-1pm: Potential future directions
2-3:30pm: Conclusions about future directions and outline of required actions

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