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Who is using the PMIP3 wiki

Wiki users

The table below will let you know who can access this wiki and modify the pages (or not)

User Access Full name Group(s)
guest ro PMIP3 Guest Login NO write access
abeouchi prw Abe-Ouchi, Ayako lgm_group, kws10_group, p2f_group
ammann prw Ammann, Caspar M. lm_group
bart prw Bartlein, Patrick J. bench_group
pasb rw Braconnot, Pascale Full write access
brierley prw Chris Brierley var_group
dolan prw Dolan, Aisling plio_group
dowsett prw Dowsett, Harry J. plio_group
fernandez prw Laura Fernandez Donado p2k_group
garcia prw Garcia Bustamante, Elena p2k_group
lauren prw Gregoire, Lauren degla_group
jules prw Hargreaves, Julia kws10_group, p2f_group
sandy prw Harrison, Sandy P. bench_group
haywood prw Haywood, Alan plio_group
ruza prw Ivanovic, Ruza degla_group
jungclaus prw Jungclaus, Johann lm_group, p2k_group
masa rw Kageyama, Masa Full write access
kaplan prw Kaplan, Jed O. lm_group
khodri prw Khodri, Myriam lm_group
legrande rw Legrande, Allegra N. lm_group, p2f_group
lewden rw Lewden, Dorothée - admin Full write access
lunt prw Lunt, Dan li_group, p2f_group
marti rw Marti, Olivier Full write access
morrill prw Morrill, Carrie 8k2_group
ohgaito prw Ohgaito, Rumi kws10_group
ottobli ro Otto-Bliesner, Bette L. kws10_group
paul prw Paul, André compare_group
jypeter rw Peterschmitt, Jean-Yves - admin Full write access
renssen prw Renssen, Hans 8k2_group
roche rw Roche, Didier Full write access
gavin prw Schmidt, Gavin lm_group, p2f_group
joy prw Singarayer, Joy li_group
stone prw Stone, Emma li_group
sueyoshi prw Sueyoshi, Tetsuo kws10_group
tarasov prw Tarasov, Lev 8k2_group
valdes prw Valdes, Paul li_group
yoshimori prw Yoshimori, Masakazu kws10_group, p2f_group

Access types:

  • ro = read-only (pmip3ro group)
  • rw = read-write (pmip3 group)
  • prw = partial read-write (lm_group, li_group, plio_group, 8k2_group, p2f_group… groups)

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