Norwich, June 2010

At the GCP-SSC meeting in Norwich in June 2010 a short informal afternoon session was held. Four presenters, Euan Nisbet - RHUL; Philippe Bousquet - LSCE; Alistair Manning - UK MetOffice; Stefanie Kirschke - LSCE, talked about various aspects of the CH4 global budget, and identified gaps that need to be addressed on the way towards a routine update of the CH4 global budget. Following the presentations was a discussion within the entire GCP-SSC group on ways to go forward with the project.

To access the presentations, go to the Resources page.

San Francisco, December 2010

A meeting was organized during AGU in December 2010. It was an informal meeting designed to bring people - primarily from the inverse modeling community - together and discuss their involvement in the GCP-CH4 activity.

List of participants:

  • Philippe Ciais, LSCE
  • Sophie Szopa, LSCE
  • Matt Rigby, MIT
  • Annemarie Fraser, University of Edinburgh
  • Shamil Maskyutov, NIES
  • Prabir Patra, JAMSTEC
  • Ryu Saito, JAMSTEC
  • Ian Enting, University of Melbourne
  • Sander Houweling, SRON
  • Lori Bruwhiler, NOAA
  • Elke Hodson, WSL
  • Maarten Krol, Wageningen University
  • Stefanie Kirschke, LSCE

To access an overview presentation and a short meeting report, please go to the Resources page.

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