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Installing CLIMAF with CDAT

The CLIMAF installation is a special case, because we may want to use it with the Python installed for CDAT, but it is not installed using conda and should theoretically work with any available Python, as long as the directory where it is installed is correctly defined in the PYTHONPATH variable

We follow the steps for the installation of a non-standard server

  • Go to the appropriate installation directory (we choose the directory where we have also installed miniconda3):
    • LSCE: cd /home/share/unix_files/cdat
    • ciclad: /data/jypmce/cdat/
  • Add CLIMAF to the PYTHONPATH environment variable
    • LSCE & tcsh: setenv PYTHONPATH ${PYTHONPATH}:/home/share/unix_files/cdat/climaf
    • LSCE & bash: export PYTHONPATH=${PYTHONPATH}:/home/share/unix_files/cdat/climaf
    • ciclad: same as above, using /data/jypmce/cdat/climaf
  • Test the installation
    • make sure the Requirements are available:
      • LSCE: module load netcdf/4 nco cdo ncl ncview
      • ciclad: module load netcdf4 nco cdo ncl/6.3.0
      • optional: start an X server
      • cd climaf/testing
  • Once the tests are OK, add the required module load and environment variables definitions to the .basrc and .cshrc files. Note: maybe these lines should go to the .profile and .login files…(check Bash Startup Files)
    • LSCE: add to your .cshrc
      • # Prerequisites for using CLIMAF
        module load netcdf/4 nco cdo ncl ncview
        # CLIMAF environment variables
        setenv CLIMAF /home/share/unix_files/cdat/climaf
        #setenv PYTHONPATH $CLIMAF
        setenv PATH "${PATH}:${CLIMAF}/bin"
        setenv CLIMAF_CACHE "/home/scratch01/${USER}/climaf_cache"
        setenv TMPDIR $CLIMAF_CACHE
        #conda activate cdatm-nightly_py2
    • ciclad: add to your .bashrc
      • # Prerequisites for using CLIMAF when not using the 
        # default 'module load climaf'
        module load netcdf4 nco cdo ncl/6.3.0
        # CLIMAF environment variables
        export CLIMAF=/data/jypmce/cdat/climaf
        export PYTHONPATH=$CLIMAF
        export PATH=$PATH:$CLIMAF/bin
        export CLIMAF_CACHE=/data/jypmce/climaf_cache
        export TMPDIR=$CLIMAF_CACHE
        #conda activate cdatm-nightly_py2
  • Open a new shell and run the tests again. If there is an error that was not there, check what you have added to the shell init files

We are now ready to start using CLIMAF on ciclad!

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