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 [[other:​index#​windows_10_notes|Other Windows 10 related notes]] [[other:​index#​windows_10_notes|Other Windows 10 related notes]]
 +===== Starting your computer faster =====
 +  * If your computer has been configured at LSCE, it will always try to connect to the LSCE wired network to check if your password has changed, when you type your password on the login screen.\\ \\ **If you are not on the LSCE wired network** (e.g when you use the (eduroam) WiFi or when you are outside LSCE), there will be a 1-2 minutes delay until Windows is sure that it can't connect to the LSCE password server before starting the session... Windows is not slow, this is just an **annoying connection timeout delay**.\\ \\ The **easy workaround** is just to stop the network, type your password, and then restart the network
 +    * laptop + WiFi: you just have to activate the **airplane mode**, type your password, and leave the airplane mode
 +      * **Activating airplane mode** from the login screen: look for //Lock screen// in [[https://​​how-enable-or-disable-airplane-mode-windows-10|How to enable or disable Airplane mode on Windows 10]]
 +      * **Turning off airplane mode** from an active session: [[https://​​en-us/​windows/​turn-airplane-mode-on-or-off-f2c2e0a1-706f-ff26-c4b2-4a37f9796df1|Turn airplane mode on or off]]
 +    * Desktop or laptop connected to an ethernet cable outside LSCE: in this rare case, just be patient, or temporarily unplug the network cable
 +  * When you start your computer //from scratch//, you have to wait for Windows to start, launch your applications,​ type your passwords, etc... Fortunately,​ you can also **restart from the exact state where you were**, by [[other:​win10config#​checking_power_settings_and_activating_hibernation|using the hibernation mode]] (aka //Mise en veille prolongée//​).
 +    * Your computer will **not** use the battery when it is hibernating
 +    * All network connections will of course be brutally closed when your computer enters hibernation,​ so it is better to cleanly close the remote applications (text editors, etc...) and terminals before hibernation
 +===== Laptop: touchpad settings =====
 +There are many actions that you can perform with a touchpad, instead of using a 2-3 buttons mouse, including simulating a right-click and middle-click
 +Be sure to:
 +  * at least read the [[https://​​en-us/​windows/​touch-gestures-for-windows-a9d28305-4818-a5df-4e2b-e5590f850741|Touchpad gestures for Windows]] page
 +  * check and configure/​improve the default Settings: ''​Start''​ => ''​Settings''​ => ''​Devices''​ => ''​Touchpad''​
 +    * this is The Place where you can specify that tapping the touchpad with 3 fingers will simulate clicking on the middle button of a mouse
 +===== Laptop and Wifi =====
 ===== Activating system protection by Recovery ===== ===== Activating system protection by Recovery =====
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 [[https://​​en-us/​help/​4027090/​windows-show-desktop-icons-in-windows-10|Show desktop icons in Windows 10]] [[https://​​en-us/​help/​4027090/​windows-show-desktop-icons-in-windows-10|Show desktop icons in Windows 10]]
 +===== Using the VPN =====
 +  * LSCE
 +  * CEA
 ===== Configuring folders and shortcuts ===== ===== Configuring folders and shortcuts =====
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 ===== Activating Microsoft Office update ===== ===== Activating Microsoft Office update =====
-It seems that you will not automatically receive Microsoft Office updates. You have to manually activate this +It seems that you will not automatically receive ​//Microsoft Office// updates. You have to [[other:​win10maintain#​updating_microsoft_office|manually activate this]] 
-FIXME+===== More things to check and configure ===== 
 +  * Check the [[https://​​en-us/​help/​4468227/​windows-10-activity-history-and-your-privacy-microsoft-privacy|Windows 10 activity history and your privacy]] settings to determine the //activity history// information (the files you have opened) you want to keep locally, and share with your other Windows devices (through your Microsoft account) and Microsoft.
 ===== Adding useful applications ===== ===== Adding useful applications =====
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 ===== Configuring WSL to use Ubuntu on your computer ===== ===== Configuring WSL to use Ubuntu on your computer =====
-Follow ​the steps on the [[other:​win10wsl|Windows Subsystem for Linux, and Ubuntu]] page+If you work on remote Linux servers, but also want to do some //Linux stuff// locally (possibly when you are offline or have a poor network connection),​ follow ​the steps on the [[other:​win10wsl|Windows Subsystem for Linux, and Ubuntu]] page!
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