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Re-installing Windows 10 after a major crash

Other Windows 10 related notes

Make sure that you have tried all the options listed in Recovering from a Major Windows 10 Crash before re-installing Windows 10

After a major crash or system problem (e.g. system thread exception not handled), you will get the Windows 10 BSOD (Blue Screen of Death). See the example screenshots in:

If the disk is not too damaged, Windows will automatically reboot into the Windows Recovery Environment and display a Recovery screen (see screenshot of Solution 4) or Réparation Automatique screen.

Select Advanced options and then Troubleshoot (or Dépannage).

You can then choose between:

  • a complete Reset of Windows 10
  • or additional Advanced options that may help you save the PC
    • Booting in Safe mode is available in the Startup settings (Paramètres) option
    • You can also restore your system in a previous state if you created a system restore point or a recovery drive

Complete reset

Follow the steps in Performing a push-button reset through Windows Recovery Environment

Note: if you have several disks and you get an error after choosing the option to remove the files from All Drives, try again and use the option to remove the files from Only the drive where Windows is installed

The reset works

If you can perform the complete reset, you can go to the Basic Windows 10 installation

The reset does not work

If the complete reset does not work, you will probably have to use an installation media to reinstall Windows 10

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