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New PMIP3 page template

What is this page for?

You can (you should!) use this page as a template for new PMIP3 wiki pages.

What should I do now?

   1) Create your new page by creating a link to it, following the red (non existing page)
      link and editing it. You can also directly type the name of your new page in the
      address bar of your browser.
      You may want to read at least once the doc about page names
      and namespaces (ie 'sections')
      Remember that the PMIP3 wiki structure should look like
           pmip3:index                            <= Home page
           pmip3:section:index                    <= main page of a section
           pmip3:section:my_page                  <= a page in the same section
           pmip3:section:subsection:index         <= main page of the subsection
           pmip3:section:subsection:my_page       <= a page in the same subsection
   2) Edit this page to display its source code
   3) Copy the template source code to the new page and Cancel the edition
      of the template page
   4) Change the code of the new page and save it.
      You should probably also remove most of the comments!

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