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Accessing PMIP3-CMIP5 data

The fastest shortcut

The PMIP3-CMIP5 data is distributed through the ESGF nodes. You can go directly to any ESGF node and start searching/downloading data. Each node will let you search the content of all the other nodes, so you only need to pick up the node that is closest to you

The steps you should follow

The steps listed below are under development

You should read them, and you can find useful additional information in usingesgf_jyp_130618_v6.pdf
(these slides were used in an internal LSCE meeting to introduce PMIP3-CMIP5 and the ESGF portal)
  1. Determine which required variables are actually available in the database
  2. Create a wget script
  3. Create a CMIP5 account
  4. Download the data

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