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Using PMIP3-CMIP5 data

The PMIP3/CMIP5 data is stored in lots and lots of NetCDF binary files! :-)

PMIP3 for modellers

Luckily, you already know how to use NetCDF files! :-)

PMIP3 for non-modellers

Unfortunately, you may not be familiar at all with the NetCDF format and other types of binary files, and operations like combining many files, averaging (over the time and/or longitude/latitude axes, using the appropriate weighted averages), regridding, etc… may be difficult :-(

Here are a few solutions that may help you:

  • Use the Panoply program
  • Check if the tools you know can handle the NetCDF format and can plot maps
  • Get help from a nearby modeller who is familiar with programming and NetCDF
  • Learn how to program! :-)
    The following tools may be useful:
    • UV-CDAT python distribution
    • other python distributions with the netcdf4, matplotlib and basemap modules
    • ferret
    • R

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