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PMIP3 DB access

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You can find a lot of information about the PMIP3 DB and how to use it in the PMIP3 DB poster (EGU 2012)


Depending on its type (see the tables in DB status for more details), the PMIP3 data is distributed between the CMIP5 and the PMIP3 DB:

  • PMIP3 data in the CMIP5 database: CMIP5 paleo experiments (midHolocene, lgm and past1000) performed by official CMIP5 participants
  • PMIP3 data in the PMIP3 database:
    • CMIP5 paleo experiments performed by non-CMIP5 participants: midHolocene, lgm and past1000 AND piControl and 1pctCO2 experiments
    • Other paleo experiments (non-CMIP5 experiments) performed by the different groups: plioMIP, last interglacial experiments, Holocene experiments…

The data in the CMIP5 and PMIP3 DB is distributed with the same ESGF tools (Earth System Grid Federation software), which makes it possible for the users to use the same OpenID identifier to download the data.

There are lots of data files in the PMIP3/CMIP5 DB, many of them quite huge (several Gb) and it is therefore impossible to store all the data in the same data center. The files are physically located on several servers worldwide (the Data Nodes)

Accessing the data

PMIP3 specific data

Useful tips

* Always be patient (and don't wait till the last minute to get the data you need). You can browse the data to locate the variables you need on any CMIP5 Gateway, but remember that the data file themselves are distributed worldwide in different data centers and that accessing and downloading the data can take some time

* You can install and use the synchro_data tool developed at IPSL to automatically mirror/download the data you need in batch mode (without having to use the Gateways interface). We recommend that you share the downloaded data between several users to minimize network load and disk space usage :-)

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