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PMIP3-CMIP5 database errors

Despite everybody's best efforts, you may unfortunately find some errors in the DB… m(

If you find something suspicious that is not already listed in the CMIP5 Errata page or below, please report it to the appropriate model contact persons and to Jean-Yves Peterschmitt

CMIP5 Errata

You can access the referenced CMIP5 errors on the CMIP5 web site

PMIP3-CMIP5 errors (by model)


[lgm] orog <-- CORRECTED

The lgm orography variable in the v20130826 dataset (August 26th 2013) has been incorrectly replaced with the piControl orography. The experiment is correct, but the submitted variable is wrong

Corrected: YES! the orog variable has been corrected the the v20140201 (February 1st 2014) version of the lgm/fx/atmos dataset

Temporary solution: use an older version of the variable:



[lgm] orog

The lgm orography variable in the ESGF database is the same as piControl variable

Corrected: not yet

Temporary solution: use the raw model orography supplied by Uwe Mikolajewicz: and

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