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Pre-Industrial Control Run Experimental Design

PI for PMIP3/CMIP5 experiments

The Preindustrial control should be the same as the one used for CMIP5 experiments. It is thus the same reference as the one for 20th century simulations and future climate projections (see taylor_cmip5_design_december_09.pdf).


Depending on the complexity of the model used the vegetation will be either:

  • computed by the model
  • prescribed to PI (some ESMs may also only compute vegetation phenology and carbon cycle).

Land use

Land use should be included in the PI vegetation map. In that case, care should be taken that the land use map used in the PI simulation is consistent with the one used for land use evolution either for the 20th century or the last Millennium. Please follow CMIP5 recommendations (see data).

For Earth System Models with interactive carbon cycle

The simulations are forced by the CO2 concentrations. Please use the same protocol as in CMIP5 to store the carbon fluxes and the variables needed for PCMIP (see pcmip Project and CMIP5)

PI for groups only running PMIP3 experiments

If you only run PMIP3 experiments we recommand that you follow CMIP5 (see taylor_cmip5_design_december_09.pdf) or PMIP2 (PMIP2 web site) for the PI simulation

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