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Pliocene Experimental Design

Welcome to the Pliocene Model Intercomparison Project webpage on the PMIP website!

Please see Pliocene Research, Interpretation and Synoptic Mapping for our full website.

NEWS: A data workshop is tentatively planned for early August 2011

Please forward inquiries to Harry Dowsett or Alan Haywood

Boundary conditions

The boundary conditions for PlioMIP have been finalised and are available on the Pliocene Research, Interpretation and Synoptic Mapping website.


This table shows a list of the modelling groups participating in the PlioMIP project.

Selected Publications


If you have any questions or points for discussion regarding PlioMIP, please email the leaders Alan Haywood or Harry Dowsett. You can also contact the other PlioMIP members by emailing the PlioMIP mailing list

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