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Last Deglaciation Core Orbital Parameters

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Please use the Discussion section below to specifically comment on the choice of orbital parameters for the core experiment.

Berger (1978)

Orbital parameters from Berger (1978)[1], for example:

June insolation at 60o N and December insolation at 60o S 1)

Points to discuss

Please think about the following points and add any comments on these or any other aspects of the experiment design to the discussion section below: [Topics will be added here as they are raised below or by email.]

  • No specific points yet.


  1. Berger, A. Long-Term Variations of Daily Insolation and Quaternary Climatic Changes. J. Atmospheric Sci. 35(12), 2362–2367 (1978).
  2. Berger, A. & Loutre, M. F. Insolation values for the climate of the last 10 million years. Quat. Sci. Rev. 10, 297–317 (1991).

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Plot produced by Lauren Gregoire, Feb 2015

Discussion on core experiment orbital parameters

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