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LGM sensitivity experiments, existing, in progress and planned

LGMGHG = Pre-industrial conditions with LGM greenhouse gases imposed
LGMICE = Pre-industrial conditions with LGM ice sheet imposed
Flat = LGM with “flat ice sheet” - ice sheet extent but no change in altitude
Brown = LGM with “brown ice sheet” - ice sheet height but no change in ice sheet extent
(*) - Green Laturentide topography, ( no sea level, GHG, orbit); White Laurentide topography (no sea level, GHG, orbit); White Northern Hemisphere Ice extent (no topography, sea level, GHG, orbit)

Model version LGM protocol LGM LGMGHG LGMICE Others Control Increased CO2 Contact
CCSM4 PMIP3?      yes (Brady et al, 2012) not yet    Bette Otto-Bliesner
CESM1.2 PMIP3? in progress yes GHG + Orbital + changes in geography of Maritime Continent (DiNezio, in progress)   Pedro DiNezio
CESM possible future experiments Lev Tarasov
CAM3 with slab ocean has done “a whole lot of these kinds of sensitivity studies” Löfverström et al 2014. Roberto Caballero
COSMOS PMIP3 LGMGHG LGMICE Flat, Brown(planned) Gerrit Lohmann, Xu Zhang
CSIRO-Mk3-1-2 ? not likely (spectral ringing) LGMGHG Flat, others possible in future Steven Phipps
GFDL CM2.1 PMIP2 no LGMICE (Erb et al in review, data not yet made available) no run: Tony Broccoli, Bryan Raney. Analysis: Michael Erb
HadCM3 or FAMOUS possible future experiments different ice sheets vaguely planned Lauren Gregoire, Ruza Ivanovic, Paul Valdes
HadCM3 ICE5G yes HadCM3 others(*) Will Roberts
IPSL_CM4 PMIP2 yes, but used LGM land-sea mask yes Flat, Brown Masa Kageyama ( Pausata et al 2011)
iLOVECLIM T21 PMIP2? yes yes Flat, Brown Didier Roche
LOVECLIM+GSM ice sheet possible future experiments Lev Tarasov
KCM1.4 (ECHAM5-T42/NEMO-ORCA2) ? LGMGHG+orbital no adding land orthography, ocean topography planned, poss. diff. version. yes Wonsun Park
MIROC3.2 T42 slab PMIP2? default model (Yoshimori et al 2009) Ayako Abe-Ouchi, Masa Yoshimori
MIROC3.2 T21 slab PMIP2? ensemble (Yoshimori et al, 2011) ensemble (Yoshimori et al, 2011) Ayako Abe-Ouchi, Masa Yoshimori, Julia Hargreaves
MIROC3.2.2 coupled T42 PMIP3? yes no Ayako Abe-Ouchi
OSUVic no yes ice+CO2, ice+CO2+orbit Andreas Schmittner
UVIC with isotopes ? yes (Brennan et al 2012, 2013) no no Katrin Meissner

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