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Editing, creating and removing PMIP3 wiki pages

Thank you for reading these instructions at least once! :-)

Editing a(n existing) page

If you have write access to some or all pages, you can change them by clicking on the Edit this page button at the top/bottom left of each page.

You can use the basic formatting tools at the top of the edit window, or visit the Wiki syntax page to learn more about formatting. You can also get information on more advanced topics in the manual.

Once you are happy with your changes, please make sure that you write a summary of what you changed in the Edit summary input zone before you save the changes.

Page locks

  • When you edit a page on this wiki, you are the temporary owner of the page (i.e. you have a lock on the page) during 15 minutes, which should give you plenty of time to validate your changes. Anyway, the lock is renewed for 15 minutes each time you click on the Preview button, and the wiki will even warn you when your lock is about to expire with the following popup message:
    Your lock for editing this page is about to expire in a minute.
    To avoid conflicts use the preview button to reset the locktimer.
  • There is a (very) slight chance that somebody else will already be editing the page you want to update… You will then get an error message looking like:
    This page is currently locked for editing by another user.
    You have to wait until this user finishes editing or the lock expires. 
      * Currently locked by: jypeter
      * Lock expires at: 2009/02/03 10:10 (6 min)

    In that case, just try again a few minutes later, when the other person is done editing.

Do not navigate away from the page you are editing...

You may be tempted to use the Backward and Forward buttons of your web browser (usually left and right arrows), when navigating on the wiki. Please refrain from using these buttons when you are editing a page and you have not saved your changes, if you do not want to lose your work!

Luckily for you, pages are auto-saved regularly when you edit them. If you navigate away or lose your connection, the wiki will probably offer an Edit/Recover Draft option when you travel back to the page you were editing.

Item lists

There is a good chance you will use lots of item lists and need to know more about them:

The lines starting with * will appear as an item list (use - for an ordered item list).

Make sure that there are 2 spaces (spaces are shown as '_' below) before the '*' and that the item lines are not separated by blank lines. If you want to force a newline in an item, use '\\_' (2 backslashes followed by a space).


__* An item on \\_2 lines...\\_with a bonus 3rd line
____* and a sub_item

will appear as:

  • An item on
    2 lines…
    with a bonus 3rd line
    • and a sub-item


You can visit the Playground and experiment with the wiki features there, if you want to practise before changing actual PMIP3 pages :-)

Non standard wiki features

Page editors and creators can also use some features we have added to this wiki. They are documented only here (and not in the Wiki syntax page)

Adding fancy boxes

You can use many kind of boxes! Note that if the boxes seem to float and mix with the regular text of the page, you should add a ~~CLEARFLOAT~~ or ~~CL~~ directive after your <box>...</box> directive

<box>Basic box</box>
Basic box
<box red left>Red left-justified box</box>
Red left-justified box
<box blue right round>Blue right-justified //round// box</box>
Blue right-justified round box
<box rgb(200,255,200)>Light green box</box>
Light green box

More info on the box plugin and many examples

Adding notes

It is possible to insert 3 types of note in the pages:

<note>My note</note>
<note tip>My note</note>
<note important>My note</note>
<note warning>My note</note>

More info on the note plugin

Creating a page

Pagenames and namespaces

A page is defined by its name (pagename) and its location in the wiki page hierarchy (aka namespaces). You may want to read the documentation about pagenames and namespaces.

The PMIP3 structure looks like:

pmip3:index home page
pmip3:section:index main page of a section
pmip3:section:my_page a page in the same section
pmip3:section:subsection:index main page of the subsection
pmip3:section:subsection:my_page a page in the same subsection

Page creation

You need to have write access to a namespace in order to create a new page or (sub-)namespace in there. Depending on your group, you may or may not have write access to all the PMIP3 wiki. If your page is in a non-existing namespace, the new namespace will also be created.

  • You can create a page by clicking on a link to it on an existing page. A link to a non-existing page appears in red (you can click on the red page link but please refrain from creating the example_page !).
  • You can also create a page by typing the address of the new page directly in the address bar of your browser.
    e.g. The example_page referenced above could also be created by typing directly the following link

Once you are on a new page (the wiki will display This topic does not exist yet), click on the Create this page button, edit the default page template and save the page.

Removing a page

If you want to remove a page, just edit it, remove all its content, and save the empty page.

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