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Editing and creating PMIP3 wiki pages

Thank you for reading these instructions at least once…

Editing a page

If you have write access to some or all pages, you can change them by clicking on the Edit this page button at the top/bottom of each page.

You can use the basic formatting tools at the top of the edit window, or visit the Wiki syntax page to learn more about formatting (you can also get more advanced information in the manual).

Once you are happy with your changes, please make sure that you write a summary of what you changed in the Edit summary input zone before you save the changes.

Item lists

There is a good chance you will use lots of item lists and need to know more about them:

The lines starting with * will appear as an item list (use - for an ordered item list).

Make sure that there are 2 spaces (spaces are shown as '_' below) before the '*' and that the item lines are not separated by blank lines. If you want to force a newline in an item, use '\\_' (2 backslashes followed by a space).


__* An item on \\_2 lines...\\_with a bonus 3rd line
____* and a sub_item

will appear as:

  • An item on
    2 lines…
    with a bonus 3rd line
    • and a sub-item

Use Backward and Forward carefully...

  • You may be tempted to use the Backward and Forward buttons of your web browser (usually left and right arrows), when navigating on the wiki. Please refrain from using these buttons when you are editing a page and you have not saved your changes, if you do not want to lose your work!
  • You can visit the Playground and experiment with the wiki features there, if you want to practise before changing actual PMIP3 pages :-)

Creating a page

  • If you have write access and want to create a new page, please use this template! You will find more help about page creation in the template itself (and the source of the template)

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