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Clonezilla notes

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Creating a Clonezilla boot USB stick

Creating a full image of a disk


  • A clonezilla boot USB stick
  • External USB hard disk with a Clonezilla directory (or any name you choose)


  • Make sure that booting on a USB storage is activated in the BIOS
  • If the disk you want to image uses a mSATA SSD cache disk, synchronize or disable the cache (so that the content of the disk is really synchronized with the cache) before creating the image of the disk!
  • Connect the USB stick and the USB external hard disk to the machine
  • Switch on the machine and choose the following options
    1. Clonezilla live or Other modes of Clonezilla live ⇒ To RAM boot
    2. Default language (English) and keyboard (Don't touch keymap)
    3. Start Clonezilla
    4. device-image
    5. local_dev, then press Enter because the USB disk for the backup is already connected
    6. Select the disk where the image will be stored (probably the last line, with the biggest size)
    7. Select the Clonezilla (or an alternate name you chose) directory on the external disk, for storing the image
    8. Beginner mode
    9. savedisk
    10. Choose a name for the backed-up image (e.g. Dell_T1700_JYP_init-img)
    11. Select the disk that needs to be imaged (choose the internal disk of the machine)
    12. skip checking/repairing source file system
    13. Yes, check the saved image
    14. Press Enter, then 'y' and… wait
    15. When the image is created, just type Enter and then poweroff


You will end up wit a Clonezilla/Dell_T1700_JYP_init-img/ directory on the hard disk, with all the files required to restore your disk to the same

Restoring a disk image

Warning, restoring an image will completely erase the content of the target disk and replace it with the image!

Just follow the steps above, till step 8, then restore the disk from an existing image the external image to the target disk

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