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Firefox (FF) and Thunderbird on Linux notes

Backing up FF and TB

The configuration directories

The configuration directories of FF and TB are located in the user's home directory and can be easily located and backed up with a simple tar command

  • Firefox: .mozilla directory
  • Thunderbird: .thunderbird directory

Warning! These directories are hidden and may use a lot of disk space! You may want to check how much they are using from time to time, if you are a bit short on space: cd; du -sh .mozilla .thunderbird
If need be, you can move these directories by roughly following the steps described for Windows

Creating the tar archive

cd # Make sur you are in your home directory
tar cvfz /home/scratch01/<your_login>/firefox_<your_login>_<date>.tgz .mozilla
tar cvfz /home/scratch01/<your_login>/thunderbird_<your_login>_<date>.tgz .thunderbird
chmod 600 /home/scratch01/<your_login>/*_<your_login>_<date>.tgz # Make sure others can't access the backup!

Restoring FF and TB

cd # Make sur you are in your home directory
\rm -rf .mozilla .thunderbird # Dangerous! Make sure you know what you are doing!
tar xfz /home/scratch01/<your_login>/firefox_<your_login>_<date>.tgz
tar xfz /home/scratch01/<your_login>/thunderbird_<your_login>_<date>.tgz

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