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Installing Windows 7 Pro

If you have a brand new PC with a pre-installed Win 7, you may want to create a disk image of the PC before the installation, just in case things go wrong and you have to start over.

Making a disk image is also useful if you don't have a Win 7 installation DVD, and the drivers of the machine


  • A machine with a pre-installed Win 7 that has never been booted
  • … or a Win 7 installation DVD, a licence number
    • if possible, a DVD with the specific drivers of the machine

Basic installation steps

Switch on the machine! If the machine did not have a pre-installed Windows 7, make sure that there is Windows 7 DVD in the the reader.

  1. Choose France (or whatever is most appropriate) for the different localization settings. Warning, it will not be possible to change the language after that
  2. User name: your LSCE login
    Computer name: <login>-Dell or <login>-HP (or anything)
  3. Password: anything you can remember
  4. License agreement: accept it…
  5. Security setting: only install important updates
  6. Time zone, etc…: choose the appropriate settings
  7. Wait, wait, wait (the computer may reboot)
  8. Done!!!

Changing the partitions

Use gparted to change the default partitions of the disk

Getting a network address

  • Determine the MAC address of the PC
    • Start Menu → “type 'cmd' then press Enter in the Search field”
    • Type “getmac” in the Command Prompt window and write down the MAC address
    • Type “exit” to close the Command Prompt window
  • Ask the LSCE sysadmins to add the MAC address to the DHCP, and get a static IP address for the PC

Dell Digital Delivery

The first time a new Dell computer is put on the network, it will start the Dell Digital Delivery program. Accept the options and download the extra software (Download “My Dell - Help, Support and Updates” but you probably don't need “Dell Data Protection Security Tools”).

Installing the drivers

If the machine did not have a pre-installed Windows 7, you will have to install additional Dell or HP (or whatever) drivers…

Updating Windows

Configuring the update

Control panel ⇒

Manually starting the update

Removing some pre-installed applications

Some machines with a pre-installed Windows system, may have some pre-installed applications that need to be uninstalled:

  • MacAfee: this antivirus must be removed before the installation of Symantec Endpoint Protection
  • DEMO version of Microsoft Office: remove this before installing Office 2010 supplied by CEA

Getting the LSCE standard Win 7 installation

Ask the LSCE sysadmins to make the standard installation

  • Giving the machine its final name (LSCEnnnn, where nnnn are the last 4 digits of the static IP address)
  • Configuration of the local LSCE time server
  • Kerberos configuration
  • Symantec Endpoint Protection
  • OCS inventory
  • FortiClient
  • cygwin/X
  • LSCE printers
  • Winzip or 7zip
  • Acrobat
  • Acrobat Reader
  • Microsoft Office Professionnel Plus 2010
  • Firefox
  • Thunderbird
  • Putty
  • WinSCP
  • java

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