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Configuring Putty

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  • The best way to use PuTTY, is to use it with Pageant:
    • Start Menu ⇒ Putty menu ⇒ Pageant (this will just put the Pageant icon in the rightmost part of the taskbar, the icon may even me masked)
    • Right-click on the Pageant icon and choose:
      • New session to define a new server you want to connect to
        • Recommended settings: FIXME
      • Saved Sessions to connect to a server
      • Add key to select a private ssh key and type/store the matching pass phrase (if you have a private ssh key you generated on Linux, you need to convert it with Putty Menu ⇒ PuTTYgen)



Download and install the latest version of Putty

Adding and configuring a new session

Making ssh tunnels with Putty

Using ssh keys

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