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Chrome notes

The Chrome configuration folder (settings, local mailboxes, address books, etc…) is stored by default somewhere in a hidden section of the user's Windows directory (C:\Users\<your_login>).

We don't know how to move this Chrome settings folder to another location (outside of C:\…), but at least we know how to make a backup of some of the settings, and how to restore them (to the same, or another computer)


  • You must have started (and exited) Chrome at least once (in order to initialize the configuration files)
  • Make sure Chrome is not running when you backup/restore your settings!

Backing up the settings

  • Go the your (hidden) Chrome folder
  • Copy the Default settings sub-folder to a backup disk

Restoring the settings

  • Go the your (hidden) Chrome folder
    C:\Users\<your_login>\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\, after having started (and exited) Chrome at least once
  • Remove the existing Default settings sub-folder
  • Copy the Default folder that was copied in the previous section

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