SOFIE Summer School 2015

The 2015 SOFIE summer school was held September 21-25 at the Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School in Shenzhen, China.

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Spring School Schedule: sofie_pku_lsce_shenzhen_summer_school_2015.xlsx


September 21st

Dr. Jun Wang: High Spatial-temporal Resolution Mapping of Urban CO2 Emissions: Megacity-Shenzhen
Presentation: presentation_j_wang_2015.pdf
Dr. Felix Vogel: Quantifying CO2 emissions in (a few) urban areas
Presentation: presentation_f_vogel_2015.pdf
Student Presentation: Spatiotemporal characteristics of extreme precipitation and their possible links to urban extent in China
Presentation: presentation_p_jiang_2015.pdf
Dr. Philippe Ciais: A first estimate of CO2 emissions from the Paris city using an array of atmospheric measurement sensors
Presentation: presentation_p_ciais_2015_1.pdf
Dr. Frédéric Chevallier: The long road towards realistic CO2 flux maps from satellite column retrievals
Presentation: presentation_f_chevallier_2015.pdf
Dr. Bengang Li: Global SO2 Emission For 2007 - a new emission inventory
Presentation: presentation_b_li_2015.pdf
Student Presentation:Globa Wind Change
Presentation: presentation_b_fang_2015.pdf
Dr. Lin Wu: Source apportionment of city CO2 using atmospheric inversion

September 22nd

Dr. Matthieu Guimberteau: From a conceptual soil hydrology scheme towards a multilayer soil diffusion scheme in the LSM ORCHIDEE
Presentation: presentation_m_guimberteau_2015_1.pdf
Dr. Shilong Piao & Zaichun Zhu: Greening of the Earth and its drivers
Presentation: presentation_s_piao_z_zhu_2015.pdf
Dr. Yongwen Liu: Responses of ecosystem productivity to precipitation addition at Stubai grassland site simulated by LSM
Presentation: presentation_y_liu_2015.pdf
Dr. Philippe Ciais: Why write scientific papers ?
Presentation: presentation_p_ciais_2015_2.pdf
Student Presentation:Seasonal and interannual changes in vegetation activity of tropical forests in Southeast Asia
Presentation: presentation_y_zhang_2015.pdf
Dr. Hongyan Liu: Timberline under changing climate
Presentation: presentation_h_liu_2015.pdf
Dr. Chao Yue: Fire modelling in land surface models: Current status and future directions
Dr. Philippe Peylin: Carbon Cycle Data Assimilation System (CCDAS)
Presentation: presentation_p_peylin_2015.pdf
Student Presentation:The response of crop yield to temperature increase in China
Presentation: presentation_c_zhao_2015.pdf
Dr. Xuhui Wang: Modelling croplands with ORCHIDEE-crop, pioneering practices modelling China's rice croplands
Presentation: presentation_x_wang_2015.pdf

September 23rd

Dr. Matthieu Guimberteau: The hydrological modeling with the LSM ORCHIDEE in the Amazon basin
Student Presentation:Regional patterns of future runoff changes emerging from earth system models constrained by observation
Presentation: presentation_h_yang_2015.pdf
Student Presentation:Slight & Heavy Precipitation
Presentation: presentation_x_li_2015.pdf
Dr. Yves Balkanski: The role of natural aerosols in climate and their influences on biogeochemical cycle
Dr. Yi Yin: Global CO inverse modeling
Dr. Thomas Corpetti:Super-resolution of turbulent flows using data assimilation
Dr. Philippe Bousquet: The global methane cycle
Presentation: presentation_p_bousquet_2015.pdf
Dr. Junfeng Liu: Ozone and PM2.5 air pollution in China
Dr. Rong Wang: Biogeochemical effects of aerosols
Presentation: presentation_r_wang_2015_1.pdf
Dr. Ana Bastos: The influence of coupled atmospheric variability modes in the European land-sink

September 24th

Dr. Daniel Goll: Strong dependence of CO2 emissions from anthropogenic land cover change on soil carbon parametrization and initial land cover
Dr. Adrian Chappel: Benefits of including soil (redistribution) dynamics in Land Surface Models
Presentation: presentation_a_chappel_2015.pdf
Dr. Tao Wang & Shushi Peng: High latitude changes and feedbacks
Presentation: presentation_t_wang_s_peng_2015.pdf
Dr. Philippe Ciais:Observed regional carbon budgets imply reduced soil heterotrophic respiration
Presentation: presentation_p_ciais_2015_3.pdf
Dr. Laurent Li: Weather regime decomposition, a way to assess climate change\\} Presentation:
Dr. Thomas Corpetti: Leaf Area Index estimation from medium resolution data using data assimilation on a plant growth model
Dr. Ana Bastos: What is natural climate variability and why does it matter ?
Student Presentation:Global evaluation of trends in wetting and drying over wet and dry regions
Presentation: presentation_j_yu_2015.pdf
Student Presentation:Spatiotemporal variability and Seasonality of the difference between MODIS land surface temperature and near surface air temperature
Presentation: presentation_x_lian_2015.pdf
Dr. Zhenzhong Zeng: Warming is Faster at Higher Elevations ?
Presentation: presentation_z_zeng_2015.pdf

September 25th

Dr. Philippe Ciais: Does phosphorus availability affect land carbon uptake ?
Student Presentation:Toward a consistent approach for diagnosing phosphorus limitations in carbon cycle models
Presentation: presentation_y_sun_2015.pdf
Dr. Rong Wang:Reducing uncertainty in black-carbon climate forcing using a new inventory and high-resolution model
Presentation: presentation_r_wang_2015_2.pdf
Dr. Aurelie Violette: Soil parameters and mineralogy influence on the long-term inorganic carbon and phosphorus cycles
Dr. Daniel Goll: Does phosphorus availability affect land carbon uptake ?
Dr. Shushi Peng: Nitrogen cycle in land surface model
Presentation: presentation_s_peng_2015.pdf
Dr. Feng Zhou: Underestimated N2O emissions from China's croplands
Presentation: presentation_f_zhou_2015.pdf
Dr. Nicolas Viovy: Including more plasticity of functional traits in a DGVM
Presentation: presentation_n_viovy_2015.pdf

SOFIE Spring School 2014

The 2014 SOFIE spring school was held May 12-16 at the Peking University campus in Beijing, China.

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Spring School Schedule: spring_school_2014_agenda_final_.xlsx


May 12th

Rong Wang & Junfeng Lui: Role of aerosols in the Earth climate system: aerosol-radiation interactions Presentation: r_wang_sofie_2014.ppt

Lin Wu: CO2 inversion as a system and its uncertainty quantification Presentation: l._wu_sofie_2014.pdf
Feng Zhou & Ziyin Shang: High resolution mapping model to estimate N2O emissions from agricultural soils Presentation: non published data, confidential
Felix Vogel: Radiocarbon as a proxy in atmospheric research Presentation: f_vogel_sofie_2014.pdf
Laurent Li: Climate downscaling and scale interaction Presentation: l_li_sofie_2014.pdf

May 13th

Laurent Bopp: The ocean carbon cycle Presentation:l_bopp_sofie_2014_oceancarbon.pdf
Laurent Bopp: Climate change and marine biogeochemistry Presentation:l_bopp_sofie_2014_climat_mbg.pdf

Bengang Li: Global budget and intercontinental transport of atmospheric sulphur Presentation: b_li_sofie_2014.ppt

Shushi Peng: Modelling methane emissions from wetlands Presentation:s_peng_sofie_2014.pdf
Miaogen Shen: Changes in satellite-derived vegetation spring phenology on the Tibetan Plateau Presentation: m_shen_sofie_2014.pptx

Evening Practical for students

Laurent Bopp: Practical on Ocean Carbon Cycle Modelling Presentation: l_bopp_practical_modelling.pdf

In this evening practical On Ocean Carbon Cycle Modelling, Dr. Laurent Bopp, will have every student build, from scratch, a simple carbon-climate coupled model and apply it to the variations of ice volume and atmospheric CO2 over glacial-interglacial cycles (based on Paillard and Parrenin, 2004, EPSL). In addition, and if we have enough time, we will use a much more complex ocean carbon cycle model (PISCES model, based on Aumont and Bopp, 2006)), have a look at some of the routines and perform a simple experiment using this complex model.

May 14th

Philippe Ciais: Controls of precipitation on photosynthesis Presentation:p_ciais_sofie_2014.pptx

Tao Wang: The role of snow albedo feedback in Earth's climate Presentation: t_wang_sofie_2014.ppt
Yi Yin: CO inversion Presentation:y_yin_sofie_2014_sofie_2014.pptx
Hongyan Liu: Reconstructing Holocene deforestation and possible climatic feedback Presentation:h_liu_sofie_2014.ppt

May 15th

Nicolas Viovy: Dynamics of plants functionnal traits: toward a new generation of DGVMs Presentation:n_viovy_sofie_2014.pptx

Zhiheng Wang: Climate change impacts on plant distribution and diversity Presentation:z_wang_sofie_2014_final.pptx
Thomas Gasser: Attribution of the effect of anthropogenic climate change on the carbon cycle Presentation: t.gasser_sofie_2014.pptx
Lingli Lui: The impacts of atmospheric chemical changes on terrestrial carbon and nitrogen cycle Presentation: lingli_liu_ibcas.pdf
Philippe Peylin (video course): Data assimilation to estimate surface carbon fluxes: from standard atmospheric inversion to carbon cycle multi-data assimilation systems Presentation : p_peylin_sofie_2014.pdf
Complementary tutorial for P. Peylin's presentation: use Password: lsce2014
Didier Hauglustaine (video course): The role of nitrogen species in atmospheric chemistry Presentation: d._hauglustaine_sofie_2014.pdf

May 16th

Next steps: Session coordinator, Philippe Ciais
Discussion pertaining to an International Cooperation Experimental Lab: Session Coordinators, Shu Tao and Hongyan Lui

SOFIE Spring School 2013

The second SOFIE spring school was held held from April 8th to 11th, 2013 on the campus of Peking University.

Spring School Schedule: final_spring_school_pku_lsce.xls

General agenda for the week: draft_agenda_2013.docx

Meeting minutes: progress_and_news_sofie_winter_school_april2013_final01072013.pdf


April 8th
April 9th
April 10th
April 11th

SOFIE Winter School 2012

The first SOFIE winter school was held from February 13th to 16th, 2012 at the campus of Peking University.

Meeting minutes: progress_and_news_sofie_winter_school_13_16_feb2012_final-1-1.pdf

Winter School Schedule: copie_de_schdueal-pku.xls

Feb. 13th, Nicolas Viovy (Convenor): questions_for_the_students_viovy.docx

Feb. 14th, Yves Balkanski (convenor):

Feb. 15th, Philippe Ciais (Convenor):

Feb. 15th, Laurent Li:

Feb. 16th, Frédéric Chevallier (convenor):

The Sino-French Winter School for Earth System Sciences was held on February 13-16 successfully at Peking University.

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Feb. 13th
Presentation of Dr. Nicolas Viovy (Convenor): 20120213-pku-lsce-viovy.pdf
Presentation of Students discussion: 20120213-student-discussion1.pdf 20120213-student-discussion2.pdf
Presentation of Dr. Ben Poulter: 20120213-pku-lsce-poulter.pdf
Presentation of Dr. Valentin Bellasen: 20120213-pku-lsce-bellasen.pdf
Presentation of Dr. Hongyan Liu: 20120213-pku-lsce-liu.hongyan.pdf
Presentation of Dr. Shilong Piao: 20120213-pku-lsce-piao.pdf

Feb. 14th
Presentation of Dr. Yves Balkanski (Convenor): 20120214-pku-lsce-yves.pdf
Presentation of Students discussion: 20120214-student-discussion.pdf
Presentation of Dr. Junfeng Liu: 20120214-pku-lsce-junfeng.liu.pdf
Presentation of Dr. Philippe Bousquet: 20120214-pku-lsce-bousquet.pdf
Presentation of Dr. Philippe Ciais: 20120214-pku-lsce-ciais.pdf
Presentation of Dr. François-Marie Bréon: 20120214-pku-lsce-breon.pdf

Feb. 15th
Presentation of Dr. Philippe Ciais (Convenor): 20120215-pku-lsce-ciais-feedback.pdf
Presentation of Students discussion: 20120215-student-discussion1.pdf 20120215-student-discussion2.pdf
Presentation of Dr. Ben Poulter: 20120215-pku-lsce-poulter.pdf
Presentation of Dr. Li Laurent: 20120215-pku-lsce-li.pdf
Presentation of Dr. Philippe Ciais: 20120215-pku-lsce-ciais-permafost.pdf
Presentation of Dr. Matthieu Roy-Barman: 20120215-pku-lsce-barman.pdf

Feb. 16th
Presentation of Dr. Frédéric Chevallier (Convenor): 20120216-pku-lsce-chevallier_1.pdf
Presentation of Students discussion: 20120216-student-discussion1.pdf 20120216-student-discussion2.pdf 20120216-student-discussion3.pdf
Presentation of Dr. Frédéric Chevallier: 20120216-pku-lsce-chevallier_2.pdf
Presentation of Dr. Philippe Bousquet: 20120216-pku-lsce-bousquet.pdf
Presentation of Dr. Valentin Bellasen: 20120216-pku-lsce-bellasen.pdf
Presentation of Dr. Philippe Peylin: 20120216-pku-lsce-peylin.pdf

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